Sources: John Beilein not expected to remain Cavaliers coach beyond season – The Athletic


Cavaliers coach John Beilein is not expected to remain as head coach beyond the end of the season, league and team sources have told The Athletic. The terms of the separation, and the exact timing of it, are not yet known, but momentum is building toward his exit.

Several factors have come into play around the Cavaliers and Beilein in regard to his job position leading to the potential end of his tenure before the end of the five-year contract he signed in May — including the team’s on- and off-court struggles and the personal toll his son’s resignation at Niagara University has taken on him — league sources said.

Patrick Beilein resigned from Niagara in October under tumultuous circumstances without having coached a single game. That situation has had an impact on John throughout his first season in Cleveland, according to sources. Beilein has never truly adjusted or felt comfortable since making the move to the NBA, according to people with knowledge of the…

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